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 Dual Login

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PostSubject: Dual Login   Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:13 pm

Q - I have two avatars and I want them to login both in OzPH, is that possible?

Ans. = a BIG YES !

To do this trick, all you have to do is to create a new user account in your PC(XP/Pro).

1. Go to User Account (Start -> Control Panel -> User Account)
2. Create a new account.
3. After creating a new user run the OzPH program.
4. Login to the game, when you are inside the OzPH game.
5. Logoff (Start -> Switch User)

After you switch user, you will see your created new account in the login pane.

6. Login using the 2nd created user.
7. Run OzPH game.
8. Play the game. Have fun.

Now you have two avatars login to the game.

Switching from one avatar to the other, you simply switch user then relog to the other user account.

You can only do this if your computer hardware is fast enought to handle the process of both game. Expect a laggy connection or slow response to your computer since OzPH game is eating up much of your processing power.

Try it NOW cheers

this thing works only for DSL users.. for dial up users you might find probs everytime you switch users coz the connection will automatically disconnect once you switch user. WHAT TO DO?

before connecting your dial up internet connection:
1. open your dialer (the one with your username and password)
2. click properties > advanced
3. internet connection sharing > check the box for allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection.
4. click ok
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Dual Login
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