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 Clan Mission and Vision

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PostSubject: Clan Mission and Vision   Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:02 am

king Royal Clan Mission queen

Royal Clan was founded in Oz World to mantain a good and healthy relationship of each member and each player in Oz World. Its aim is to uplift the fun and excitement between players and keep the enjoyment in the world of fantasy.

Royal Clan is committed to build a strong friendship among its members and promote the campaign against the illegal programs that could hinder the development of the oz world.

Royal Clan has mission to establish this in different online games to create a strong bond of online game players.

king Royal Clan Vision queen

Royal Clan will give a lot of contribution in the Oz World and other online games and be one of the clans who will succeed and will continue its legacy and maintain the excitement and fun among players .
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Clan Mission and Vision
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